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Wine Details & FAQs

How many samples do we get with our flat tasting fee at Sparkling Ponds Winery?

Since our visitors are not limited to a certain number of wine samples, they get to experience wine styles which they might not have considered before. At Sparkling Ponds Winery, our guests enjoy our entire list of wines for a small flat fee. We’re always delighted to see how pleasantly surprised our patrons are when they truly like something that is out of the ordinary for them.

Do you welcome groups at Sparkling Ponds Winery?

Yes! We love groups! Reservations are not required. However, to enable the best service possible, please call ahead for parties of 10 or more! Please plan your arrival for at least two hours before our closing time to make sure you get the most from your visit.

Some wineries offer food pairings at various events. Do you ever offer food pairings?

We do not offer typical “food pairings”. We present food samplings of some of the delicious foods we offer for sale in our gift shop. This allows our visitors to experience how the taste of a specific wine can vary depending on what it is eaten with. It is very seldom that anyone leaves without purchasing a block of delicious River Rat Horseradish cheese or a bottle of New Orleans Muffaletta mix!

Does Sparkling Ponds Winery donate to charity?

Sparkling Ponds Winery has chosen The A.N.N.A Shelter in Erie, PA as our patron charity. Did you know... Many older or abandoned pets are given a new chance at happiness every day? The A.N.N.A Shelter in Erie, PA is a great place to find your next pet. Looking for a kitten or puppy? How about an older animal that is already trained and just waiting for a family to love? The A.N.N.A. Shelter will have it. The A.N.N.A Shelter is a no-kill shelter that rescues and houses abandoned and abused animals. Their mission is to find new forever homes for every pet at their facility. For those hard-to-place pets, the A.N.N.A Shelter will provide tender loving care indefinitely as is necessary to preserve every precious life. For more information about how you can find your new pet, please visit TheAnnaShelter.com.

Where do your wine names come from?

At Sparkling Ponds Winery, we truly embrace FUN. Many of our names are lighthearted and certain to make our customers smile. We love that!

What is Woman Pleaser and where did the name come from?

Our “Woman Pleaser” sweet wine has just a touch of cranberry in it. When have visitors ask for blush wine, we have them try Woman Pleaser. Many women tend to like things that are sweet, but not too sweet. Woman Pleaser is a name that embodies just the right amount of sweetness with a refreshing zing of crispness. After all, don’t we all want a Woman Pleaser in our life? Legend has it that the wine maker who originally envisioned Woman Pleaser went to a party and all the women there were sipping cranberry wine and raving about it. Not one to stand competition lightly, he said “I’m going to make something better and you’re all going to love it!” So, he went out and started experimenting. He found just the perfect combination of Niagara wine and cranberry; and an instant favorite was born. The reason for the cobalt blue bottle? It’s not often you find something that looks as good on the outside as it tastes!

What is Man Teaser and where did the name come from?

Man Teaser is our sweet red Concord Wine blended with a hint of cranberry. For years, men came into Sparkling Ponds Winery to purchase Woman Pleaser for their leisure time activities, such as, hunting, boating and camping. After a while, we noticed that more and more men were asking why we had Woman Pleaser named after women but nothing named after men. Being the ever-pleasing, fun winery that we are, we created Man Teaser as a companion to our Woman Pleaser wine!

Does Sparkling Ponds Winery host any events?

We are part of Lake Erie Wine Country and participate in every wine event that they have. A list of these events can be found at LakeErieWineCountry.org. In addition, we also have our own wine tasting events. Follow us on Facebook to be kept in the loop! You are sure to find out why they call us the “Fun Winery”!

Why don’t you ship your wine to every state?

Individual state laws dictate where we can ship. Each state has its own laws. Some states do not permit outside state wineries to ship directly to customers. For those states, all direct to customer wine sales are kept within state borders. Our wine may be available by ordering through your local liquor/spirit retailer.

Where did the names Walleye Wobbler, Pig Roast Pickler and Fatal Attraction come from?

All three wines are blends that start out with Marachel Foch wine. Pig Roast Pickler is blended with blackberry, Fatal Attraction is blended with Concord wine and Walleye Wobbler is blended with black currants. While looking for the perfect Marachel Foch blend, our wine maker was having difficult time deciding which one of three great wines to make for our customers. He finally decided to take a break and enjoy a couple of hours fishing on Lake Erie before going out that night to a pig roast. After finally realizing that he wanted to offer all three unique tastes, he needed to find perfect names for each of these new wines. Upon further reflection, he decided that no ordinary name could possibly describe his new creations. He chose the first three fun names that came to mind. Walleye Wobbler because the boat was always wobbling, Pig Roast Pickler because his brain felt pickled from all the overthinking. Finally, Fatal Attraction was named for its’ perfect blend of sweet and dry that is hard to resist!

What is the difference between Ice Wine and Frappe Vino, also known as, frozen “Wine Slushie”

Ice wine is called such because it is made from grapes that are picked only after the temperature reaches 17 degrees. These grapes are hand-picked right from the vine and go directly to the press. By waiting until the grapes have frozen, only the sweetest juice is extracted when the grapes are pressed. This is what gives ice wine its’ wonderful sweetness, making it the perfect desert wine. Serve it to your friends in a small cordial glass for sipping or as a delicious topping on your favorite vanilla ice cream. It’s sure to make any occasion special! Sparkling Ponds’ was the first winery in the area to offer Frappe Vino “Wine Slushie” mix. Mix one box of Frappe Vino with one bottle of any wine and a bottle of water to create the perfect, refreshing semi frozen wine “slush” drink. All wine tasting guests get to try this amazing product at the end of their tasting experience. Frappe Vino is the perfect product to make an endless variety of frozen cocktails. It blends well with vodka, tequila, bourbon, whiskey, spiced rum, fruit wine and champagne, to name a few. If you’re not planning on stopping by soon, you can purchase our Frappe Vino from our online store and have it shipped directly to your doorstep. It is perfect for your next picnic or party. Enjoy!

What is your best-selling dry red wine?

Dago Red is our best-selling dry red wine. At Sparkling Ponds Winery, many of our customers are of Italian (or partial Italian) heritage. When we formulated our Dago Red, we noticed an immediate positive response. Within months, Dago Red became one of our customer favorites. We are always happy to hear repeat visitors, especially Italian visitors, telling stories about how our wine brings back many happy memories of generations past engaging in friendly wine-making competitions. We’ve been told that our Dago Red is a true compliment to the Italian wine making tradition. For more information on how Dago Red was born, please check out our Home Page.

Who owns Sparkling Ponds Winery?

Since 2011, Sparkling Ponds Winery has been owned and operated by the Carrara Family out of Erie, PA.