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Our Wines

Our online store is coming soon! In the meantime, take a look at the wines we produce below, and visit our tasting room to stock up on your favorites!

Red Wines
White Wines
Blush & Dessert

Red Wines

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Envy


Oak aged blend of three classic wines.  Strong, bold yet fruit forward, showcasing the truth in “beauty gets better with age”.

Suggested pairings:  Broiled bleu cheese & onion crusted steak.

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Allure


Dry, Cherry tart finish, made from the elusive St. Vincent grape with virtually no tannins. Perfectly dry, but not drying on the mouth & swallow.

Suggested pairings: Milk chocolate dishes, rich red meat dishes, salmon dishes.

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Lux


Beautifully aged, medium tannic wine with notes of cracked black pepper. A local favorite.

Suggested pairings: One hell of a day!  Sea salt caramels dipped in dark chocolate and/or your favorite steak.

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

2023 Silver Medal Winner. A “chillable” killer red wine, semisweet blend.

Suggested pairings: Pasta, burgers, and a MUST HAVE with pizza.

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds It's Complicated

It’s Complicated

Delicious, middle of the road red, made from local Chancellor grapes.

Suggested pairings: Hamburgers & party foods.  A simple crowd pleaser.

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Ladies First

Ladies First

Sweet, medium bodied Concord wine.

Suggested pairings: Sharp cheddar cheese, smoked BBQ meats, lemon meringue pie.

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Man Teaser

Man Teaser

2023 Silver Award Winner. Our red answer to our Woman Pleaser.  Concord wine blended with cranberry.

Suggested pairings: Burgers, pizza, cheese and crackers.

White Wines

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit

Fresh citrusy Dry Riesling with hints of green apple and lime.

Suggested pairings: Salmon, Shrimp cocktail, creamy sauces, port, goat cheese and cream cheese.

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Beautiful Mistake

Beautiful Mistakes

Semi-dry white blend that is simply beautiful.  Citrusy and clean, tart with a hint of sweetness.

Suggested pairings: Fresh fruit salads, creamy pasta dishes, chicken dishes.

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Arm Candy

Arm Candy

Aromatic with light, clean, fruity notes with a strong backbone of citrus.

Suggested pairings: BBQ dishes, baked ham, dark chocolate or raspberry desserts.

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Naughty-N-Nice


Estate grown, medium-bodied white, evoking fresh grapes and tropical fruits, with a moderately acidic finish.

Suggested pairings: Buttery pastries, shellfish, fresh fruits.

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Woman Pleaser

Woman Pleaser

“Our Best Cellar”  Pleasing, sweet, crisp, and tart.  Here we combined our sweet Niagara with Cranberry.

Suggested pairings: Any day that ends in “Y

Blush & Dessert

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Make'r Blush

Make’er Blush

Incredibly delicate with bursting aromas of raspberries & rose petals, but with a punch, lengthy finish.

Suggested pairings: Grilled, marinated Chicken, garden salad and raspberry tarts.

Bottle of Sparkling Ponds Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

Our Catawba grapes, frozen to less than 17 degrees, makes this delicious treat for a true sweet fan.

Suggested pairings: A treat within itself or with strawberries & NY Style cheese cake.